Useful Laundry Tips to you use at Home

Laundry is a routine activity at home. In fact many of us could close our eyes and do our laundry if we are not concerned about mixing colors. There are a few laundry tips described here that can help you save energy, speed up your laundry process  and make your clothes look or smell better.

Saving Energy

The first step to saving energy during laundry is getting an energy efficient washer and dryer set. If you cannot afford a new high efficiency [HE] one, settle for a used one, but make sure you request for warranty. Most HE sets coming out today are built to meet good energy friendly standards. HE appliances uses less energy to achieve the same amount of work for a non HE appliances. One other laundry tip that can save you some energy is to avoid using hot water for rinsing. Hot water is ok for washing but cold water is suitable for rinsing. See that you set your washer to operate in that manner.

Speed up your laundry time

Your washer usually spins your clothes to remove as much water as possible before the clothes are transferred to the dryer. In other words, drying actually begins inside of the washer, just as food digestion begins, not in the stomach, but in the mouth. Often when the clothes are taken out of the washer rinsed they are squeezed very tightly together. Do not just grab and place them directly inside the dryer. Separate them to reduce the shrink before placing them in the dryer. This will speed up the drying process.  There is one other laundry tip many aren’t aware of but its been proven to dry your clothes faster. It is very simple to implement. When you place your rinsed wet clothes in the dryer, just throw in 2 or 3 completely dried wet towels in the dryer together with the wet clothes and turn the dryer to start drying. The dry towels will quickly absorb some of the water to speed up the drying process.

 2 Laundry Tips to make your clothes look cleaner

Lastly, remember to wipe the interior of the drum of your washer to remove hidden dirt and bacteria. If you are washing delicate white clothes, this is very important. Not doing so can gradually fade the color of your white clothes after repeated washing cycles. Try to remove and clean out the lint filter inside your dryer to avoid excessive amount of lint adhering to your clothes. Extra lint on your clothes, even after laundry, makes it look as though they need to get back into the washer again.

Try these few laundry tips and see if you like the results or not. We also welcome your comments and contribution to this blog. Check out this link for more on laundry tips. Thanks for reading.

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